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2015 GO Conference AUDIO CD Package

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Kamal Saleem - Author of 'The Blood Of Lambs'

Kamal Saleem was born into a large Sunni Muslim family in the heart of the Middle East. Kamal was then recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood at an early age and completed his first mission in Israel at the age of seven. Kamal was also recruited by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (The PLO) and other radical Muslim groups. The many years of his radical Islamist training, resulted in Kamal mastering every form of divisive extremist tactics.

Rabi Maharaj - Author of 'Death of a Guru' (Over 5 million copies sold)

Rabi Maharaj descended from a long line of Hindu priests and gurus and trained as a Yogi. After a difficult search for truth and meaning, he became a Christian in 1962. Rabi lectures worldwide on world problems, world cultures, and world religions from a Christian perspective. He has spoken in 120 countries, in over 1,000 cities and 800 universities and colleges including Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, Chicago, London, Paris, Berlin, and Bangalore.

Charles Price - Pastor of People's Church, Toronto

Charles Price has been the Senior Pastor of The Peoples Church in Toronto, Ontario, Canada since September 2001, with a weekly congregation of 4000+ people. It is a church renowned for its Global Missionary activity over many years. He has an hour-long television programme, Living Truth, which is broadcast coast to coast in Canada each week, as well as in the U.S.A, and more than 60 countries throughout the world, translated into several languages. He also has a daily 30-minute radio program which is broadcast in the U.S.A. Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines and the UK, also in French and with Spanish versions in South America.


Disc 1 - Kamal Saleem - How to effectively reach Muslims Pt 1

Disc 2 - Kamal Saleem - How to effectively reach Muslims Pt 2

Disc 3 - How to reach Hindus for Jesus

Disc 4 - How to be a missionary in the GTA

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